The Phantom Father (2008)

playing Vladimir

Waves (2006)

in rolul plutonierului

Bartali (2005)

playing the journalist

7 Seconds (2004)

playing Andre

The Inpaler (1999)

playing monk Roland

The Excalibur Kid (1998)

playing Dolt

Aproape liniste (2008)

playing Victor Sandru

California Dreamin' (2006)

in rolul sefului de tren

Catacombs (2005)

playing the customs officer

Pacala Returns (2004)

playing the troublemaker

Mysterious Museum (1998)

playing Rogue

Beowulf (1997)

playing Look Out

PA-RA-DA (2007)

playing Razvan

Happy End (2004)

playing the garbage collector

Three Brothers Into Trouble (2005)

in rolul plutonierului Stanica

Tank (2002)

playing the grave digger

Retro puppet-master (1998)

playing Tough

Terminus Paradis (1996)

playing the sergeant

Beyond America (2006)

playing the American

Tertium non datur (2005)

playing the lieutenant

Dream Woman (2004)

playing the bodyguard

My name is Modesty (2002)

playing Carophos

Cowboys & Aliens (1998)

playing Pook

Too Late (1995)

playing the Securitate officer