Wackos season 15 [PrimaTV] (2010)

playing the police chief

Nimeni nu-i perfect [PrimaTV] (2009)

playing the mobster

Cazul Placinteanu [TVR] (2008)

playing the colonel

The Gang [CanalD] (2007)

playing Vasile

Big Break [MediaPro] (2005)

in rolul lui Gogu tiganu’

Big Break [MediaPro] (2004)

in rolul Costel (ep. parodie)

Tandretea lacustelor [TVR] (2002)

playing Gurita

Wackos season 14 [PrimaTV] (2010)

playing the police chief

Fetele marinarului [Antena1] (2009)

playing the truck driver

Wackos season 11 [PrimaTV] (2008)

playing the pimp

Emergency [TVR] (2006)

playing Megale

Marriage Agency [Antena1] (2005)

playing Marian

Neighbourhood [MediaPro] (2004)

playing Penseta

Detective By Chance [TVR] (2001)

playing Jean

Wackos season 13 [PrimaTV] (2009)

playing the police chief

Wackos season 12 [PrimaTV] (2009)

playing the police chief

Clanul Spranceana [Antena1] (2007)

playing Fane Moroiu

Wackos season 9 [PrimaTV] (2006)

in rolurile evreului, teroristului si doctorului

Neighbourhood [MediaPro] (2004)

in rolurile lui Leo si a dealerului

The Last Should Turn Off The Lights [TVR1] (2003)

in rolul plt.maj. Ifrim

The Popescu Clan [Antena1] (1999)

playing the social worker

Sa spui adevarul puterii [TVR] (2009)

playing Ariel Dorfman

Ingerasii [AcasaTV] (2008)

playing the pirate

Wackos season 10 [PrimaTV] (2007)

playing Ciripel Vrabete

At The Office [MediaPro] (2005)

in rolul manelistului

Only Love [AcasaTV] (2004)

in rolul agentului Preda

Family [PrimaTV] (2002)

in rolurile comisarului si violatorului