Avarul (2011)

playing Cleant

Eduard III (2008)

playing Robert de Artois

The Passions Of Saint Tommaso d'Aquino (2005)

playing Carino

The Sunset of the Sun (2004)

in rolul Clucerului Hrancovici

The Government Inspector (2002)

playing the police captain

The Lost Letter (2001)

playing Popescu

The Good And Righteous Satan (1998)

playing Tebaldo

Stapanul ciolanului (2010)

playing Giani

Jocul ielelor (2007)

playing Petre Boruga

Sweet Bird Of Youth (2005)

playing Heatcher

A View From The Bridge (2003)

playing Marco

Whims At the Union (2002)

playing Tache

The Living Corpse (2001)

playing Korotkov and Petrusin

Carnival Scenes (1998)

playing the ipistat

Aventurile unui barbat extrem de serios (2008)

playing Manole

Burghezul gentilom (2006)

playing the bodyguard

The Investigation (2005)

playing Kaduk

Breaking News (2003)

playing Pompilian

Carnival Scenes (2002)

playing Nae Girimea

Man Of La Mancha (2000)

playing Pedro

The Bacchae (1998)

playing Eucelcesus

The Lost Letter (2008)

playing Popescu

Red Comedy (2006)

playing the plumber

O noapte furtunoasa (2004)

playing Chiriac

Temptation (2002)

playing the director

Bacantele (2001)

playing the bodyguard

Dew Drops... (1999)

playing Iancu Ionel

Ghost (1998)

playing the sculptor